1.2311 (P20)

Low temperature tempered plastic mould tool steel (P20)

Product features
  • X 40 CrMnMo 7
  • As supplied condition: Tempered to a hardness of 280 to 325 HB (950 - 1100 N / mm2) Tempered plastic mould steel, easy to polish, nitridable, chrome-plated, uniform hardness over the cross-section up to a thickness of approx. 405 mm
  • Applications: Plastic moulds, Bolsters for plastic and die casting moulds. *Stress relieving is recommended for when removing over 30% of material before finishing. For thicknesses, over 405mm please refer to AKTUELL 1000/1200.

Technical data

Chemical analysis 
C Mn Cr Mo
0.4% 1.5% 1.9% 0.2%

Technical Information

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