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With over 30,000 tonnes of high-quality plastic mould tool steel, cold and hot work steel as well as high-performance special grades stocked in our UK based plant, we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.  In addition to our extensive stocks we pride ourselves on optimum steel selection along with cutting options tailored to you, we particularly feel passionate about the fast and cost-effective machining of tool steels carried out on site.

We have expanded our stock range to include metals such as, aluminium, copper, brass, and much more….find out more here!

Quality Management

When customers choose Intersteel, they do so in the knowledge that we are a quality assured organisation.  We employ state-of-the-art management systems to ensure that the highest levels of quality are underpinned by environmentally friendly production processes and outstanding customer service.

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Intersteel Support and Advice

Added value services through experience & expertise

Whether it is advice on material selection or questions in design, the experts from Intersteel are always happy to help.

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Summary of Services – Intersteel UK

Intersteel provide customers with access to one of the largest range of steel products in Europe and the reassurance of working with a quality assured, service-driven organisation. We support you in simplifying your processes, whilst maintaining a high level of quality and delivery reliability. Where required, we can undertake a comprehensive range of machining services to deliver a true single source solution.

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