1.2738 (P20N)

Tempered, nickel alloyed plastic mould tool steel (P20N)

Product features
  • X 40 CrMnNiMo 8-6-4
  • As supplied condition: Quenched & tempered to a hardness of 280 to 325 HB (950 – 1100 N / mm2) Uniform hardness across the cross-section, good polishability, good machinability, nitridable, chrome-plated, weldable to standards using all welding processes.
  • Applications: Mould steel for plastic injection moulds with plate thicknesses of approx. 400mm upwards if uniform hardness, increased toughness and polishability are required, even in the base of the mould. Bumper moulds, moulds for vehicle dashboards and large external car body parts, refuse container moulds and die casting frames.

Technical data

Chemical analysis
C Mn Cr Mo Ni
0.4% 1.5% 2.0% 0.25% 1.0%


Technical Information

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