1.2767 (EN30b)

Through Hardened with Maximum toughness (EN30b)

Product features
  • 45 NiCrMo 16
  • As supplied condition: Soft-annealed to max. 285 HB (965 N / mm2) Through hardened with maximum toughness, low distortion and good polishability.
  • Applications: Large embossing tools demanding the highest toughness, high stressed cutlery punches, Tools for heavy cold forming, Hobbing tools, Shearing blades and cutters for cutting very thick material, Plastic, Compression and Injection mould tools that require high hardness combined with the highest toughness.

Technical data

Chemical analysis 
C Cr Mo Ni
0.45% 1.4% 0.3% 4.0%

Technical Information

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